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Michigan Immigration Attorneys – Family and Employment Law aims to provide quality and efficient services for families and works in immigration to the United States. We help provide clients with the services in all types of work visas, J-1 waivers, permanent residency “Green Cards”, deportation cases, labor certifications, asylum cases and more.


We work with and for the immigrant men, woman, and families who face detention and deportation. Our services provide educational outreach, legal representation, advocacy work, and training for immigration defense. We strive to promote and ensure quality justice for all immigrant families who are at risk of detention and deportation in the Michigan area and beyond.

As a diverse coalition and immigration law firm, we support and lead campaigns to advance and improve the rights of immigrants at the local, state and federal level. We boast of over 250 organizations that help us to foster immigrant communities, increase civic and leadership, as well as put immigration first at major public debates of today.

Civic Participation

We aim to build strong immigrant communities with political power through registration, education, leadership programs and voter mobilization.

Policy Advocate

We strive to promote awareness and advocate for better law and policies at all levels to help improve the lives of immigrants residing in Michigan.

Education and Awareness

We help to inform and promote education in immigrant communities through education materials, presentations, media and other forms of outlets.

Quality Training

We believe that efficient results require years of training and experience. That is why our immigrant relations training programs offer a broad range of workshops and presentations on immigration law and policies that affect immigrants.

At Michigan Immigration Attorneys – Family and Employment Law

We aim to build the power and strength organizations that serve to ensure their opportunities.

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